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Zenith carburetor parts
Float, Solenoids and linkage

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Zenith carburetor throttle shaft model 263 Zenith carburetor thropttle shaft Zenith carburetor linkage connector
Throttle shaft model 263 Throttle Shaft model 68 Linkage Connector
Zenith carburetor float model 28 and 228 down draft carburetor Zenith float for up draft carburetor Zenith  carburetor float up draft
Zenith Float model 228 Zenith up draft carburetor Float C8528
Zenith carburetor float modedl 33 down draft Zenith carburetro float model T4UC pony motor Zenith up draft carburetor float
Float C85139 Float C85106A Float C85115
Zenith float up draft carburetor Zenith fuel shout off solenoid Zenith fuel shout off solenoids
Float up draft Zneith carburetor Zenith fuel shout off solenoid B7541Z Zenith fuel Shout off solenoid
Zenith adjustable main jet Zenith carburetor main ajustable main jet Zenith adjustable m ian jet model 68
Zenith Adjustable main jet Zenith adjustable jet model 33 Zenith adjustable jet up draft carb
Zenith actuator throttle solenoid Zenith Choke thermostat model 33 carburetor Zenith choke themostat housing for model 33 carburetor
Eletctric Throttle actuator
Zenith model 33
electric choke thermostat model 33 Choke thrmostat and housing
Zenith electric actuator clips model 33 Zenith accl pump jet Zenith accleretor pump jet
Electric throttle actuator clips Model 33 pump jet Model 33 accl jet


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